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My Last Valentine In Beirut Torrent (Latest)




The colorful false identity that Jon Cronshaw gives to her poor boyfriend, thus deceiving him, gives this novel a very original tone. Thus, the reader discovers the traumas that have given rise to her mask, which it is now difficult to dislodge. The protagonist is not satisfied with this strategy, but discovers an even more drastic one: in order to try to get rid of his identity as soon as possible, he commits a murder with no risk of being discovered. To do so, he is forced to cover the crime by blackmailing the man who is only interested in pleasing his boss. However, it will be the protagonist himself who will betray himself... All this will prove the title of the novel, *A Tangled Web* to be justified. But I would rather not say too much more because the novel is not finished and what I will say will spoil the plot. Suffice it to say that this novel is much more than a simple thriller, it reveals the traumas of the protagonist who, to escape the memory of a traumatic event, has a difficult time to find a place to hide the sins of his past. Thus, the novel is far from a suspense-filled novel. The characterization of this novel makes a bit of a difference. The protagonist, Jon Cronshaw, is not the usual figure of the villain who tries to uncover the secrets of his victims. He is a protagonist whose soul is far from sinless, but who has chosen to dive deep in a world of corruption. The stories of his life are fascinating and quite repulsive and his struggle for survival reveals a sensitive and melancholic soul. Thus, this is a novel that manages to evoke a strong sympathy. On the other hand, this novel is perhaps too personal, as it is the story of a man who meets a woman from a second life and attempts to take advantage of their relationship. However, this woman is a virtual character and, in order to avoid falling into a trap, he must use his charm and personality to convince her to collaborate with him. Finally, this novel manages to evoke a curious emotion, a sensation that one cannot put in words. However, to be able to explain it, it is necessary to specify the circumstances surrounding the writing of this novel. First of all, the author is truly color blind and has decided to force the reader to translate the nuances of colors according to his own vision. Thus, the colors are extremely garish and the graphic design of




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My Last Valentine In Beirut Torrent (Latest)

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